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Customer and Reseller Terms of Service

Upon signing up with Boing! International Customers must abide by our acceptable use policy and this billing policy. Should you decide to cancel your hosting at any time, 30 days notice is required. This is to help us provision the services we provide in a stable and consistent manner.

Payment of your initial invoice denotes agreement to the terms and conditions set forth in the acceptable use policy and this billing policy.

Contracts are non-transferable.

This policy is subject to change without prior notice. Please be sure to check current billing policies.

Billing Notification

Boing! International will email you your invoice at the start of each month.

Updating Your Account Information

You will need to inform Boing! International of any changes to your customer information, this includes addresses, phone numbers, contact names, email addresses, and change of business ownership. Notices are sent by Boing! International via email and updated account information is essential to communication with you the customer. We are not responsible if you have not received any communication that was made with an email address that has not been updated.

When You Pay Monthly

Customers will be billed on the 1st of every month prior to the month they receive service. You will be charged for any new orders placed throughout the month. Invoices will be emailed when they are posted to your account. Payment is required by the 8th of the month . You will be sent via email a reminder to make payment on the 8th of the month if your account is not paid. Failure to keep an account current will result in suspension of said account, there will be no exceptions. If you account remains unpaid after the 15th this suspension will occur . Reactivation of a suspended account incurs an AUD$25+GST Reactivation fee, payable before Reactivation, along with the balance owing. If you think you may be unable to pay monthly then perhaps a yearly option would suit you better, please submit a support ticket and we can discuss your account.

Disk Usage

If you exceed the allotted disk usage for your account, you will be billed at a rate of $10.00+GST per 25 MB, or part thereof, purchased in 25 MB increments. Your disk usage is calculated by the maximum amount of space you have used on any given day in a thirty day period or month. This is comparable to leasing commercial building space where you pay for the square footage you use for the entire term of the lease. However, Boing! International recalculates your disk usage each month so if your utilization is high one month, you will not be penalized the following month if your usage is low. Your disk usage is calculated and billed on the 6th day of every month. Please remember that your log files count as disk usage and you should back them up or reset them regularly, especially if you have a high traffic site. Less than 1% of Boing! International's customer base exceeds its disk space allocations. Most web sites only require 5 to 7 MBs of disk space.

Billing Cycle

Boing! International offers a monthly billing cycle to all customers for all accounts. If you sign up for an account after the 1st of the month you are billed each month on the 1st. Hosting plans are also available with yearly payments. If you have billing questions and need to speak with a representative, please submit an email via our contact form.

Data Transfer

Boing! International charges AUD$5.00+GST per 1 GB, or part thereof, should you exceed your allotted data transfer. Boing! International offers dedicated bandwidth packages for customers who require greater amounts of bandwidth. Only a handful of customers exceed Boing! International's generous data transfer allocations.


If you need to exceed the domain name limit for a particular reseller package as established by Boing! International's on-line Reseller Pricing and Plans. Please email Boing! International to request an upgrade to the next higher level plan. You are responsible for the number of domain names under your Reseller account. By ordering an upgrade to Boing! International's established Reseller service plans, you acknowledge that you will pay for any required upgrade.

Collection Procedures

The majority of Boing! International's customers are legitimate, honest and responsible business people. In order for us to provide the highest quality and most feature-packed services in the industry at the low prices that we do, we must maintain solvency. Managing our accounts receivable is an integral part of doing business successfully. Please read this policy carefully so there is no misunderstanding. If your account becomes overdue after the due date on the invoice the following will occur. You will receive a reminder via email that we have not received your payment. If payment is not received within 7 days of your past due date your service will be restricted and functionality will be denigrated. If your account becomes more that 60 days past due, your data will be removed from the servers and your account will be referred to our collection and legal departments. If you fail to pay for services rendered, we will report the delinquency to the credit bureau which will impact your credit rating. If we pursue a legal remedy and obtain a judgment against you, we will seek to enforce that judgment. If you pay and we receive a notice of returned payment for any reason to include insufficient funds and/or fraud, we will charge you a minimum service fee of AUD$50+GST. We will also charge you all associated costs to include attorney and collection fees. We look forward to a mutually beneficial business relationship.

Reactivation Fee

In the event that your account is deactivated due to nonpayment, please check your emailed billing status for the overdue amount. Your payment must include the AUD$25.00+GST reactivation fee per Domain Name for your account(s) to be reactivated. You may cancel your account at any time, resellers, you will be billed through the end of the 6 or 12 month period in which you cancel. Cancellations are done once a month at the end of the month by our staff.

Finance Charges

Invoices are aged from the date of the order. Finance charges will be assessed to all accounts with invoices 30 days or more past due. The finance charge amount is calculated for each invoice or previous finance charge entry by the number of days past due, times the daily finance charge rate (.18 divided by 365). If the calculated finance charge amount is less than the minimum finance charge of AUD$1.00+GST, the minimum amount will be used instead of the calculated amount.

Cancellation Procedures

In order to protect your data, Boing! International requires 30 days notice of account cancellation. We will contact you to verify your identity prior to account cancellation. The cancellation request is only complete and will be acted upon by Boing! International once Boing! International has verified your identity. Upon verification Boing! International will cancel your account effective the end of your current billing cycle and notify you of any outstanding balance.

Payment of an invoice denotes agreement to the terms and conditions set forth in the acceptable use policy and this billing policy.

This policy is subject to change without prior notice. Please be sure to check current billing policies.

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