$99.00 /year
h1 Plan
250 MB Space, 1.0 GB traffic per month, 2 subdomains, 10 POP3/IMAP email accounts, 1 Catch-all email account, Unlimited email aliases
$19.95 /month
h2 Plan
500 MB Space, 2.0 GB traffic per month, 5 subdomains, 25 POP3/IMAP email accounts, own SMTP server with filtering, 2 MySQL databases
$29.95 /month
h3 Plan
1000 MB Space, 5.0 GB traffic per month, 10 subdomains, 50 POP3/IMAP email accounts, own SMTP server with filtering, 4 MySQL databases
$39.95 /month
h4 Plan
2000 MB Space, 10.0 GB traffic per month, 15 subdomains, 100 POP3/IMAP email accounts, own SMTP, 6 MySQL databases, shopping cart
$99.00 /month
h5 Plan
5000 MB Space, 25.0 GB traffic per month, 20 subdomains, 100 email accounts, SMTP, 12 MySQL DBs, shopping cart

If your website is critical or driven by large databases and has extremly high traffic on a daily basis then this is the plan for you.

Features: 5000 MB Space
  25.0 GB Traffic per month
  20 Subdomains
  100 POP3/IMAP Accounts
  Own SMTP Server with Filtering
  Mailing lists
  Up to 5 domain aliases
  12 MySQL Database
  PHPMyAdmin (MySQL Database Management)
  Horde Webmail
  RoundCube Webmail
  Squirrelmail webmail
  Name-Based Hosting
  Shared SSL (Secure Socket Layer)
  Backup Utility
  Scheduled backups
  File Manager
  Web Stats
  Own cgi-bin directory
  Server Side Includes
99 % uptime
Suitability: For beginner web sites.
Price: AUD$99.00/month or
  AUD $999.00 /year
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